The Serious Business of Gratitude

November 20, 2018

Pastor Russ talks about the serious business of gratitude and why it matters to your life and faith.


Contagious Gratitude

November 11, 2018

Pastor Jordan Warntjes talks about how Gratitude is contagious, creating a pay it forward type of culture. When was the last time you felt so grateful for something that you wanted to give back and do the same for others?


The Choice

November 4, 2018

Rev. Russ Kane starts our new series called "The Gratitude Project"


Christian? with Dan and Kari

October 31, 2018

Dan and Kari are seminary friends of Pastor Jordan. They join us on the podcast this week to talk about what it means to be a Christian and does the Good Samaritan story have anything to do with it?


On the Road

October 28, 2018

Rev. Russ Kane points our attention towards the road when it comes to loving our neighbor.


Refugee Crisis with Rebeca

October 24, 2018

Rebeca Harcharik works at Denver Catholic Charities and attends New Hope. She sits down to talk with us about the current refugee crisis and her own experience as a refugee.

*Episode Correction* In the intro it is said that Rebeca came from Argentina, that is incorrect. She was a refugee from El Salvador.


Confessions of a Bad Neighbor

October 21, 2018

Rev. Russ Kane confesses what it looks like to be a bad neighbor and teaches some ways in which we can become a better neighbor.


Getting Along with Ella Kate and JT

October 17, 2018

High School Sophomores Ella Kate and JT join us on the podcast to talk about how they remain friends despite their differences.


Who is My Neighbor? A conversation for a safer and more joyful world.

October 16, 2018


Special Guests: Dr. Steve Stone and Dr. Bashar Shala

Dr. Stone and Shala talk about their experience of becoming friends and finding the common humanity between Christians and Muslims.


The Gospel According to the Good Samaritan

October 10, 2018



Rev. Russ Kane